What am I waiting for this Christmas? Honestly?

For it to be over.

I know how that sounds, but it seriously seems that every year I can’t wait for Christmas to happen. But, then, I suddenly find myself longing for it to just be… done.

And, I know that Christmas is meant to be this season of peace, but I don’t get it, man, because, at the end, I just feel exhausted. I don’t know if I would say that Christmas is peaceful. Chaotic, maybe?

The chaos doesn’t even wait until December to begin anymore. If it hasn’t started beforehand, it’s definitely there by Black Friday, or Thursday now, I guess. You gotta get the best deals, though, right? I mean, that is important.

And, when I do finally have the courage to go and face the masses, it’s total anarchy out there. It’s every man for himself, zipping from store to store, trying to find all the right gifts for all the right people. Making sure I’ve bought presents for everyone—it’s chaos.

Then, there’s all the preparations for family. I mean, just trying to make everyone’s schedules work seems impossible, but then there’s the cooking and the cleaning and the wrapping of the presents and the decorating. And, in the middle of it all you’re just trying to keep some resemblance of sanity while still entertaining the kiddos. But, their energy and their excitement sometimes is almost too much to control, and it’s chaos.

My heart grows heavier as I think about my children’s expectations but my wallet’s emptiness. I aim in some small way through it all to make their Christmases memorable, too. And, as the boxes arrive and the gifts try to remain hidden, I just pray that these moments aren’t lost. That they’re significant for them like they were for me when I was a kid. But, then, all the cleaning and preparing is undone in an instant. Once neatly wrapped presents become piles of toys surrounded by crumpled paper and bows. It seems like when one mess is cleaned up two more messes appear in its place. And, it all is chaos.

But, then it’s over.

Another year.

That sweet moment—that moment comes when I can finally lay my head on that pillow and fall asleep.

You know, in the midst of it all, we can almost forget that night so long ago that changed everything. And, no, not just that night when He became flesh and blood but that night when He gave us His flesh and blood. You see, the cross still stands as a visible reminder that our peace is not dependent upon the circumstances around us but upon the God who is with us. Emmanuel.

A Savior is born! He died. He rose again… to rescue us from our chaos.

And to bring us His peace.

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